The ABC of High Yield Investment Programs

Everyone knows, nothing could be more depressing than regular but little income. Even when your income is more than average, any savings have main shortcoming — they invariably get depreciated over the years. Protecting savings against inflationary pressure can be ensured only by one of the 2 methods— to work harder and make extra money while risking to morph into a drudge, or to make investing in High Yield Investment Programs. If you choose the option two, this investment site is what you were looking for!

Main Features & Operation Principles of HYIPs

HYIP Investment
So what exactly is HYIP? Put it simply, HYIP is a high interest online program. The good sounding word combination hides the “well-worn” fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes working on the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul” — when investment income of earlier schemeinvestors is paid from the funds of fresh depositors.
By the way, such schemes are a completely allowable , common phenomenon : insurers, major banks, retirement funds run on similar pattern. But if to get a share of cash pie from a retirement fund or other financial organizations is an especially hard and tricky task, even an amateur could get good income from High Yield Investment Projects.

How to Search Reliable High Yield Investment Projects? HYIP monitors

Well you are about to open deposit in investment project. The first thing to do is to try to find the investment program status on two or three online monitors, specialized web-sites, that monitor the actual solvency of most of the paying HYIP projects.
On HYIP monitoring web-sites, you can obtain not only data about the date & time of the most current withdrawal, but you can get domain and technical detailed data about the investment project but also view comments of not fake HYIP depositors.
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HYIP-related Forums & Blogging Web-sites

Having reviewed HYIP monitors, it wouldn’t be too much to visit HYIP-related online communities and blogging platforms.
On these web-sites you will have access to thorough, unbiased overviews of HYIP projects, information about the recent payments, confirmed by screenshots, furthermore, you can even contact directly with the online investment program admins.
Small Life-hack: HYIP forums and investing blogs are not only invaluable sources of info about HYIP projects, but additionallya great Guides for Dummies within investing. So, if you catch a website of an experienced investor or dynamic HYIP-themed online community, be sure to join it.
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HYIP Blogs & Forums

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) at Present

Packed with top technologies, a wide range of data, the 21st century has triggered significant transforming in financial area. Old as Adam Ponzi schemes have successfully mastered Blockchain technology, being presented to a simple-hearted audience in the modern trendy clothing — Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
As you are all aware, any Initial Coin Offering is a way of fundraising for crypto startups, and, most importantly, this form of money raising does not have any legislative framework. it is not surprising that the large number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is Ponzi schemes, under the guise of “noble” fundraising projects.
However, you are able and even have to get fat profit from ICOs !
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Crypto Investment