All You Should Know About HYIPs

Everyone knows, nothing is more distressing than regular but low salary. Even supposing that your salary is higher than the average, any savings have key shortcoming — they slowly but steadily get depreciated after some time. Hedging your savings capital against inflation risks can only be achieved by one of the 2 methods— to work more hours and earn more while risking to turn into a workhorse, or to invest wisely in High Yield Investment Programs. If you select the option two, this website is what you were looking for!

How HYIPs Function

HYIP Investment
So what is High Yield Investment Project? Put it simply, High Yield Investment Project is a high interest investment web site. Pretentious word combination is hiding the banal Ponzi schemes, which work on the basis of the principle of “to borrow from Peter to pay Paul” : when the income of earlier depositors is created from invested funds of subsequent scheme members.
By the way, these schemes are quite legal , common phenomenon — insurers, big banks, retirement funds run the same way. But if to extract a share of cash pie from a retirement fund or a bank is a really hard and difficult task, even an amateur is able to receive big return from HYIPs.

Searching for Proper HYIP Program. How to Use Online Monitors

Well you’re about to put funds in online investment project. The first thing to do is to try to check the investment program data and payment status on two or three monitoring services, special HYIP-related websites, that are tracking the current solvency of almost all trusted investment projects.
Here you can receive not only data about the date & time of the recent withdrawal, but you can find technical detailed info on the HYIP project along with view feedbacks of real online depositors.
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How to Work with HYIP-related Forums & Blogging Platforms

Having checked monitors, it would be wise to visit HYIP-themed forums and blogging sites.
Here you’ll find extensive, candid reviews of online investment projects, data on the most current payouts, which are proved by screenshots, furthermore, you can even interact directly with the HYIP administrator.
Practical Tip: HYIP forums & investing blogs are not only valuable generator of data about High Yield Investment Programs, but as wellan excellent guides in the field of investment. That’s why if you discover a website of investment Pro or large or fast growing investment forum, be sure to get registered.
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HYIP Blogs & Forums

Ponzi Schemes in XXI century.Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Packed with high technology, a wide range of data, the XXI century has raised major changing in financial games. World-old Ponzi schemes have benefited from the Blockchain, being presented to a simple-hearted public in the modern fashionable clothing — Initial Coin Offering.
As you know, an ICO is a form of fundraising for crypto-related start-ups, and such type of fundraising does not have any regulatory basis. It is little wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is Pyramid schemes, under the guise of “noble” fund raising start-ups.
Nonetheless, we are able and even need to receive good profit from Initial Coin Offerings !
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