Main Facts About High Yield Investment Programs

As you well know, nothing is more depressing than permanent but low earnings. And even when your paycheck is above average, any “nest eggs” have main weakness — they slowly but inexorably are being devalued after some time. Protecting your money from inflation risks can only be ensured by one of the two methods— to work more hours and earn more while risking to morph into a drudge, or to put up the money in High Yield Investment Programs. If you select the second alternative, this web site is what you are looking for!

Main Features , Operation Principles of HYIPs

HYIP Investment
What exactly is HYIP? Put simply, HYIP Project is a high interest investment site. The pretentious word combination masks the old as Adam fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes which are working on the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul” : when returns on investment of earlier depositors is formed from deposits of recent depositors.
By the way, Ponzi schemes are a completely legal and pervasive phenom — insurers, big banks, retirement funds are operating on similar principle. But if to carve out a piece of money cake from a pension fund or a bank is a really complicated and tricky task, even an amateur can get big gainings from High Yield Investment Programs.

Where to look for Profitable High Yield Investment Projects? Monitoring Services

So, you’re about to put money in investment project. First things first, you need to see the HYIP project listing status on several HYIP monitors, specialized web-sites, that keep track of the real payment ability of most of the paying HYIPs.
On HYIP monitors you will obtain not only information on the date & time of the recent payment, but you can get domain & technical detailed data on the investment project as well as read comments of not fake HYIP depositors.
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HYIP Forums & Blogging Web-sites

Having checked monitors, it won’t be too much to go through HYIP-themed online communities & investing blogs.
Here you will find extensive, honest reviews of High Yield Investment Programs, data about the recent payments, which are supported by screenshots, furthermore, you could even contact directly with the HYIP program admins.
Important Advice: HYIP-related forums & investing blogs are not only useful channel of data about High Yield Investment Programs, but alsoan excellent manual within investment. Therefore, if you come across a blog of investment expert or fast growing HYIP-related online community, be sure to join it.
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HYIP Blogs & Forums

Ponzi Schemes in XXI century.Initial Coin Offerings

Crammed with Hi-Tech, a significant amount of information, the XXI century has raised deep transforming in financial games. old as the hills investment scam schemes have benefited from blockchain-based solution, being presented to a simple-minded public in the trendy clothing — ICO.
As you are all aware, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way of raising investments for crypto startups, and, importantly, this way of fundraising does not have any legal environment. It is hardly surprising that the lion’s share of ICOs is Pyramid schemes, masquerading as reliable fund-raising start-ups.
Nonetheless, we can and even need to earn good profit from ICOs .
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Crypto Investment